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Questions & answers

How much time will I have to invest?

1.5 – 4 hours, depending on the size of the area and the number of products to be delivered or sales bags to be installed (silent sales); however, your individual requirements can be addressed here.

What happens when I am on holiday or sick?

In principle, the responsible delivery partner has to ensure any stand-in; WNB and CiMedia can provide assistance in organising the stand-in; in emergencies WNB and CiMedia will alternatively organise the agreed service themselves.

What are the delivery times like?

That depends on the products to be delivered; in the delivery of daily newspapers, delivery is on 6 days a week in Vienna and Lower Austria and on 7 days a week in Styria and Carinthia. In silent sales, the installation, filling and dismantling of sales bags is always done on Sundays and public holidays. An area can also be served jointly with another delivery partner.

What is a service contract?

The service contract is the basis for services between independent entrepreneurs.

How much will I be paid?

The amount of the fee depends on the size of the area of assignment and the number of units delivered or the number of sales bags installed. The fee will be transferred monthly to your account after invoicing. You can find out more in this regard in a personal discussion with the area manager.

What needs to be done with regard to tax and social insurance?

The delivery partner has to find out himself whether he is subject to social insurance and/or tax; this depends on his own personal circumstances. You can find out more in this regard in a personal discussion with the area manager or the tax office or social insurance organisation responsible for you.

How much am I allowed to additionally earn?

The thresholds for additional income vary for students, retirees, unemployed persons, etc. You can find out more in this regard in a personal discussion with the area manager or the tax office or social insurance organisation.

Where will the newspapers be delivered to? Where do I have to collect the newspapers?

As a fundamental rule, the products will be provided for collection near to the distribution area; the area manager can provide more detailed information on this.

Will I be given a company car?

All resources are to be furnished by the delivery partner himself. In many cases, your own vehicle (car, moped) is required; a bike can also be used to deliver products in city areas.

Will I receive a kilometre allowance? What about my costs?

The fee already covers all expenses for the use of your own resources; a higher fee will be paid for areas with greater travelling distances (more costs). All expenses are tax-deductible.

Are there any costs associated with starting the job (use for resources, keys, documents, etc.)?

No, only costs for the use of your own resources (e.g. own car) will be incurred. Merely the loss of a building door key provided by WNB or CiMedia is to be reimbursed.

Will the job be explained to me?

You can travel with a delivery partner at any time in order to get to know the area and in order to be able to assess the costs associated with the delivery work.

How can the contract be terminated?

That depends on the agreed service (silent sales, delivery of daily newspapers, etc.); the work contract can either be terminated giving a certain period of notice, or you can reject the contract to deliver products or to install or fill sales bags at any time.