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Newspaper Delivery Person - Who is this job for?

> Active pensioners who want to supplement their pension.
> Students who are looking for a lucrative side income.
> Jobseekers who want to get back to work.

> Morning people who are active early.
> Anyone who wants to earn money with a self-employed part-time job.

No special training or in-depth knowledge of German required


As a delivery partner, you are responsible for the delivery and collection of various print products (such as newspapers).


Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgenland, Styria, Carinthia and Eastern Tirol.


In the early morning or on weekends and holidays.

Your advantages.

> flexible
> open time-management
> work in your neighborhood

> secure additional income
> on an independent basis
> finish work in the morning

We are.

Zustellpartner.at is a platform of CiMedia Printmedienvertriebs GmbH and WNB Zustell GmbH for everyone looking for flexible secondary employment outside of normal working hours.

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we do.

Media logistics as daily bread.

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newspaper delivery

Filling newspaper pockets

Filling of removal boxes

Unaddressed delivery

Delivery of breakfast

We are looking for.

Your job as a Media deliverer, promotional material distributor or supervisor for newspaper bags and sales boxes.

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