What are we doing?

Our delivery partners are on the road in the early morning hours and on weekends to reliably distribute daily and weekly newspapers, advertising material and other products in large parts of Austria.

It doesn't matter whether you are before work, during your studies or retired: We offer you the opportunity of a self-employed job as a delivery person.

The advantages:

  • A secure side income
  • Only work a few hours a day, outside of normal working hours
  • Closing time, already in the morning
  • A (part-time) job in your area

Experience the typical everyday work as a newspaper deliverer

Newspaper delivery

Newspaper deliverers play an important role in ensuring that hundreds of thousands of subscribers receive their daily newspaper on time every morning. In addition to the daily newspapers, weekly and monthly newspapers and magazines are also delivered directly to the reader's apartment door. This part-time job offers an attractive opportunity for students, pensioners, mini-jobbers and early risers with their own vehicle to earn some extra money.

Unaddressed delivery

Our delivery partners bring unaddressed advertising materials such as flyers, leaflets, brochures and much more to households every day. Even unaddressed weekly newspapers and product samples are reliably delivered. In this way, households can find out everything about current offers, news and events.

Delivery of sales boxes

The boxes for free daily newspapers are ubiquitous in many cities and popular with many newspaper readers. Our delivery partners take care of filling these boxes with newspapers on a regular basis.